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Research interests

In my research in the field of behavioral economics, I investigate the complex interplay between ethical decisions and economic incentives. My focus is on understanding how economic systems and incentive structures in organizations influence ethical considerations. A particular focus of my work is the role that artificial intelligence (AI) and trust in technology play in this.

My research covers the following core topics:

  • Incentives: I analyze how different incentive systems influence ethical decision-making, especially in situations where economic and ethical considerations are in conflict.
  • Team dynamics: I examine the impact of team structures and processes on ethical and unethical behavior in organizations.
  • Feedback: I focus on the role of feedback mechanisms and their influence on ethical behavior and the performance of individuals in organizational contexts.
  • AI and trust: A key focus is understanding the interaction between humans and AI, in particular how trust can be established and maintained in AI systems and what ethical implications this has for decision-making processes in organizations.

Through the use of field and laboratory experiments, my research aims to gain insights into human behavior and shed light on the often conflicting relationships between economic goals and ethical values. I aim to provide both theoretical insights and practical recommendations to help organizations find a balance between economic interests and ethical principles.