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Working paper

Below a list of recent research projects.

Leib, M., Köbis, N. C., Rilke, R.M., Hagens, M., Irlenbusch, B. (2023). Corrupted by Algorithms? How AI-generated and Human-written Advice Shape (Dis)honesty. R&R The Economic Journal

Rilke, R.M., van Pelt, V., Lehnen, S., & Guenther C. (2023). Motivating low-performers with input-based relative performance feedback – Evidence from a field experiment. R&R The Accounting Review

Reggiani T., & Rilke, R.M. (2023). When Too Good Is Too Much – Designing Social Incentive Contracts for Online Gig-workers. R&R Journal of Business Ethics

Guenther, C., Litvinova, Y., & Rilke, R.M. (2023). Me, Myself, and I: Image Concerns and Ethical Behavior in Immersive VR. R&R Computers in Human Behavior

Huynh, T., Stratmann, P. & Rilke, R.M. (2023). No influence of simple moral awareness cues on cheating behaviour. R&R Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Janz, C., Rilke, R.M., Yurtoglu, B. (2022). Does ESG Information Impact Individual Investors’ Portfolio Choices? – Evidence from an Experiment. Under review.

Guenther, C., Lehnen, S., & Rilke, R.M. (2021). Receiving Performance Feedback and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from a Field Experiment.