Working paper

Below a list of recent research projects that I am working on together with my colleagues.

Rilke, R.M., Danilov, A., Irlenbusch, B., Weisel, O., & Shalvi, S. (2019). When leading by example leads to less corrupt collaboration.

Guenther, C., Lehnen, S., & Rilke, R.M. (2019). The double-edged sword of performance feedback: A field experiment investigating structure as a boundary condition for increased job satisfaction.

Guenther, C., Litvinova, Y., & Rilke, R.M. (2019). Virtually no influence of image concerns on ethical behavior.

Reggiani T., & Rilke, R.M. (2019). Selection effects of social incentives – A natural field experiment.

Guenther, C., Rilke, R.M., & Urbig, D. (2019). Why do entrepreneurs cooperate? A lab-in-the-field experiment.

Fischer, M., Rilke, R.M., & Yurtoglu, B. (2019). How does self-selection affect team performance? Evidence from a field experiment.