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Maybe not the best day to retweet this. #Rosenmontagszug
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Robert Dur @DurRobert
"the probability of being stopped/arrested when driving while intoxicated is extremely low, < 0.01 to 0.02 at most"

Drinking and Driving by Frank A. Sloan

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Purdue's Vernon Smith Experimental Economics Lab ( is hiring a post-doc to start in August @PurdueKrannert. Come join our group!
This is a research position (no teaching) with some lab management responsibilities. Details are in our JoE advert from sept.

Keine รœbertreibungen, kein Clickbait, nur Nachrichten wie frรผher, als man sich das noch leisten konnte, nicht vรถlligen Schwachsinn bei Naturereignissen zu #Sabine schreiben, weil es besser klickt:

Der Live-Ticker zum #Sturm:

This is a fascinating critique of Many Labs 4. I don't expect that many will find the one-tailed, still variably and barely significant findings particularly compelling, but it may stir some interesting discussion about deviations and including all data or not in analysis.