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Reformatting journal articles costs $1,100,000,000 in #research funds.

If journals just allowed scholars to submit the initial paper in any format we would automatically recover the vast majority of this time/money.

Dear editors, please use you power to make this tiny change!

Long time due editorial @nature The mental health of PhD researchers demands urgent attention

In our new paper, we show that machines and humans can achieve better cooperation when machines hide their true nature and pretend they're human, too. Should we let bots deceive us for our own good? @iyadrahwan @talalrahwan @NatMachIntell

A journal forces me to submit my manuscript in a #docx file format. After 5h of formatting horror, I realize that the journal's online pdf converter randomly rearranges equations, tables, and titles. #WHY

Apparent "experiment aversion" and an unintuitive statistical artifact when comparing means

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Keynote Esther Duflo 'Good Economics for Hard Times' @erasmusuni
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