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Great paper from @LittleConnors @ykrupnikov @ryanbq on the empirical consequences of data sharing disclosures in research participation consent forms out in POQ. r_m_rilke photo

It's a big day today: I had a scientific manuscript rejected by a robot. Thread. The bot detected ❝a high level of textual overlap with previous literature❞. In other words, plagiarism. 1/6

How machine learning works

Interviewer: What’s your biggest strength?

Me: I’m fast learner.

Interviewer: What’s 11 * 11

Me: 65

Interviewer: not even close. It’s 121

Me: It’s 121

Anyone with a neat idea to plot the results of a simple #montecarlo #simulation? In the simulation I compare two numbers n-times and record whether one is higher, equal, or lower than the other. #stata #plot

On this years #AOM2019 I am going to take part in the #PDW "Managing #Digital #Disruption: Toward a Research Agenda for Organizations"! Will digitalization transform workplaces to more pleasant (convenience) or more unpleasant (massive surveillance) environments? @AOMConnect

Today I presented the results of our #field #experiment on "Peer #selection and #performance" at the Mercator School of Management. Thanks for having me! r_m_rilke photo