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A message to my students: Experiments can be quite a way to get you ahead. "For their #experimental approach alleviating global poverty" #NobelPrize #Economics
The Nobel Prize @NobelPrize
Watch the announcement of the 2019 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Presented by Göran K. Hansson, Secretary General of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


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Nick Strayer @NicholasStrayer
Building a data-driven CV in R. New blog post detailing how I built my CV/Resume using {{pagedown}}, {{glue}}, and spreadsheets; and how you can too! #rstats

I was beginning to think Foucault’s writings on the “disciplinary society” were becoming irrelevant. But then my niece started the 5th grade. Her teachers add and subtract behavioral points in an app shared with her mom. Note that she lost a point for using the restroom today. r_m_rilke photo

I guess there are a lot; but I would appreciate any hints to (natural) field #experiments on nudging individuals (consumers/employees) towards more #environmentally friendly behavior. (Also null-effects appreciated). Anyone? @c_a_gravert