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Experience our new #podcast series @mostawesomepod! In each 45-60 minute episode, you’ll hear from some of Germany’s most creative business minds about their entrepreneurial journeys, where they come from, and how they got to where they are today:!
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Reflective, self-critical, thought-provoking, funny ... Roberto Weber’s keynote talk at #ESA2019Dijon on how to make experimental papers interesting and relevant to the rest of economics ... #MEEGA r_m_rilke photo

Interested in cooperation, team formation and field experiments? My talk will be at ~12:10 (A06). (Title has slightly changed). #esa2019dijon #econtwitter r_m_rilke photo

This is an important new paper on startups that uses a (small) randomized controlled trial to suggest two key things:
1) Entrepreneurship is something you can be taught, increasing success & good pivoting
2) A scientific approach to startups, using hypothesis testing, is superior
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