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"The question isn’t whether a public social media is viable. It is if we want it to be.” — @EthanZ

Experiments on macro do not exis...
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Paul Niehaus @PaulFNiehaus
new: we study experimentally the effects of dropping ~15% of GDP on a poor rural economy. w/ @tedmiguel @jhaushofer Dennis Egger and Michael Walker

Meine Kollegin Christina Günther ist von @capitalMagazin in die Top 40 unter 40 in der Kategorie " #Wissenschaft und #Gesellschaft" gewählt worden. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Christina! #myWHU

Deutsche Intellektuelle vergleichen die Digitalisierung lieber mit irgendwas aus dem 18. Jahrhundert statt sich mal um die Hausaufgaben aus ihrem Python Kurs an der VHS zu kümmern

Much of what’s being sold as "AI" today is snake oil. It does not and cannot work. In a talk at MIT yesterday, I described why this happening, how we can recognize flawed AI claims, and push back. Here are my annotated slides: r_m_rilke photo

Hey, #econtwitter after you submitted: How often do you check the status?
a) Hourly aka Wtf is the reviewer doing??!
b) Daily aka Morning routine
c) Weekly aka How 2 ruin your weekend
d) Monthly aka I already have A+ publications
f) Never aka I am not religious but superstitious